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The Driver: An iSeekplant Doco is here

What do you do when you can't get enough work for your machine? One Brisbane based franna crane driver thought he had found the perfect answer. But had he?

In late February, an iSeekplant film crew followed Darryl from DWM as he tried to earn a living by using his franna crane as a ride sharing vehicle

"I'm not a driver, I'm an operator"


Darryl - DWM

"G’day to all my readers, my name is Darryl from DWM. iSeekplant’s asked me to jot down a few of me thoughts for a “blog” that they can use with the doco we filmed together. I’m not much for words so I’ll just tell ya how it is."

Read Darryl's full blog here



"Do the Oscars have a Best Machine Category? Because this Frannas a star"

- The Flapping Mouth



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